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For nearly one hundred years the name SK has been synonymous quality. The premier, American tool manufacturer was founded in the early 1900’s by Mason H. Sherman and Roger Klove. Operating from a facility on Harrison Street in Chicago, Illinois, the company manufactured tools exclusively until the outbreak of World War I, when it produced munitions and mortar housings for the American war effort. During the 1920’s SK thrived as a contract manufacturer producing tools for other companies. As the Great Depression brought about major economic changes in the 1930’s, the company redesigned its product line and changed its name to SK Tools.

Throughout its long history SK has maintained a stellar reputation for new product innovation. In fact, in 1934 SK Engineer Theodore Rueb was granted a Federal patent for the SK’s signature Round-Headed Ratchet. This new ratchet mechanism was a radical improvement for its time. The fine toothed action was simple, reliable, and easy to mass-produce. Theodore Rueb continued to improve on his original design and SK offered the product in a range of drive sizes. The SK round-headed ratchet has remained one of the most popular ratchet styles for more than seventy years. Many modern ratchets are little changed from this original SK design.

During the twentieth century SK broadened its horizons by expanding its line to include new categories and provide a wider selection of superior quality products to technicians across the country. For example, in the late 1940’s SK formed an alliance with another tool company, the Ohio based Lectrolite Corporation. Further expansion was realized through the purchase of the consolidated SK/Lectrolite alliance by Symington-Wade, which later was merged into Dresser Industries. In 1985 SK became part of Facom Tools and in 2005, was acquired by Stanley Tools.

The sale of SK to IDEAL Industries in 2010 marked a turning point in the company’s quality control, new product innovation, and commitment to serving technicians throughout the country. Today, SK is proud that its nearly 3000-item product line is manufactured in the U.S.A. With forging facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado and a brand new, state of the art manufacturing and distribution center in Sycamore, Illinois SK has evolved into a stronger, more customer driven company than ever before. As SK nears its one hundredth anniversary, it is focused even more solidly on quality control, new product design, and providing automotive professionals with the most innovative and reliable tools available anywhere, at any price.

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